Tools of the Trade


laser2 Aloha Laser is a cold laser for Laser Massage Therapy and for personal home use for humans and animals.

‘Aloha Laser’ is a 635nm Single Diode, true 5mW Red Laser, Class IIIa, enhanced with 1000 Rife Frequencies and 528 Solfeggio frequency. Our Aloha Laser is drug free, pain free therapy and safe for home use. Low level lasers are used to treat many symptoms including wounds, burns, muscle spasm, bone fractures, periodontal disease, herpes, naromas, pre and post surgery.  The internet is rich with research. Google low level lasers along with your symptoms for scientific articles showing astonishing results. Please call us at 808/283-7415 for more information on our laser. Go to Aloha Lasers on Facebook for information on Rife Frequencies and Solfeggio 528 Frequencies. My email address is $300 Shipping included


Quantum Scalar Wave Lasers are available for office and home use. They are FDA approved for pain Quantum Scalar Laserrelief of carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, tooth pain, and many other symptoms. This laser is very safe and effective. This low level laser is empowered with eight red laser diodes, 8 infrared laser diodes, and 22 LED violet lights.



rocks Hawaiian Lava Stones for hot stone massage are available. The stones come in 3 sizes:

  •   Toe stones
  •   Core stones
  •   Peripheral stones

Only available in Hawaii. Free upon gathering.



polesOur bamboo massage poles are custom made for you. The ends are fitted with smooth rubber tips for grip and for applying pressure to  shiatsu points. The poles can be cut longer for use while standing on a  massage table.