Wailea Spa Massage

$120 for 60 minutes/ $160 for 90 minutes

lomiV2Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques, to enhance function, aid in the healing process, decrease muscle reflex activity, inhibits motor-neuron excitability and promote relaxation and well-being. The word comes from the French massage “friction of kneading”, or from Arabic massa meaning “to touch, feel or handle” or from Latin massa meaning “mass, dough”, Greek verb μάσσω (massō) “to handle, touch, to work with the hands, to knead dough.”A sense of well being and connection to ones self is expanded.

Traditional Temple Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian healing art practiced for hundreds of years by Kahuna. These  bearers of  knowledge passed down this sacred healing art from generation to generation.  This knowledge is now passed to massage practitioners. Practitioners’ hands and forearms are applied in dance like fluid strokes to communicate deeply into your tissues issues mobilizing lactic acid, improving circulation of blood and lymph, helping to eliminate toxins and stagnation, and relaxing muscle tension. 60 or 90 minutes


Lomi Pohaku (hot stone massage) was developed by us in 1992, inspired by Papa Kalua. The lava pohaku are gathered in a traditional Hawaiian ceremony on the shorelines of Maui. Pohaku are tumbled and smoothed for eons in the surf. Lomi Pohaku invokes a healing experience with mana from the Earth (aina) in the form of the stones (pohaku) and with the compassion and care (kokua) of the practitioner. Lomi Pohaku will melt your emotional tension. You will feel deeply satisfied and grounded. Warmth and pressure  with the pohaku soothe and release areas of resistance to inner peace. 90 minutes

Aroma Essence Massage Are you feeling burned out? Add to your massage essential oils for deeper relaxation, an immune system boost, and a greater sense of feeling ease. Gentle massage pressure is applied for a soothing affect. 60 minutes

Wailea Spa Massage is a traditional Swediah style massage using effluerage and petrissage strokes applied with a warming glide of nutrient rich coconut oil. 60 or 90 minutes

massageReiki Enhanced combines Dr Usui’s Reiki System for Natural Healing(Universal Life Energy) and Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy tincture. Especially useful for quieting our busy minds, resolving trauma, and enhancing emotional balance. Evidence of pain relief benefits too. 60 minutes

Treat Your Feet revitalizes your feet for 60 minutes of pure pleasure. Exfoliation is included. 60 minutes

Dry Skin Brushing is recommended  for strengthening our immune system and increasing lymph flow. It is useful to stimulate a powerful detoxification process via our lymph glands and exfoliates dry skin, speeding up cell regeneration. Dry Brushing supports skin elasticity and collagen building potential. Add dry skin brushing to the beginning of any treatment. 30 minutes

Big Island Awa/Sand Scrub uses a surprising combination of fine white crystal sand and Big Island Awa(Kava) root and natural coconut oil for a whole body scrub which will leave you feeling tingly all over and divinely silky. A coconut oil application completes the session. 60 minutes