Therapeutic Bodywork


$120 60 minutes/ $160 for 90 minutes

LightWave Light Therapy  unites the benefits of therapeutic massage therapy with photobiomodulation technology.
Light Therapy supplies photons to your cells to manufacture ATP, bio energy used by your body for cellular repair and regeneration. Healthy cells are enhanced. There are many positive health  benefits that result from this action. LightWave Light Massage Therapy is drug free, pain free, non invasive and safe. Light Therapy supplies photons to your cells similar to how the sun supplies light to plants for photosynthesis. For more information about LightWave Light Massage Therapy click on LightWave Laser on our navigation bar. We use ‘LightWave Lasers’ super boosted with 528 Solfeggio and 200 “Rife” frequencies. We developed laser enhanced massage in 2006. 60 minutes

Maui Barefoot Massage There is nothing subtle about this treatment. It is all about compression! We use our talented and cleansed feet to press you into deep relaxation. This is a fabulous treatment for tight hamstrings and glutes. Whole body included 24 hour notice, please. 60 minutes

Maui Honey and Herb Lymphatic Massage is an invigorating and stimulating massage applying Organic Maui honey and firm massage techniques for a delightful lift out of the ordinary. Honey and cinnamon when combined relieves arthritis, cold symptoms, and supports anti aging. Excellent therapy for diminishing cellulite and toning the skin.  60 or 90 minutes

Therapeutic Sports Massage is for diving into deeper muscle bundles for specific areas of distress. Therapeutic Sports massage is available with all depths of pressure. Excellent choice for sports injuries and repetitive use syndrome (doing the same thing too much). Relief awaits you with a fusion of sports massage, trigger point therapy, and neuromuscular therapy. Deep tissue techniques improve circulation and release muscular tension. Our skilled therapists are trained in treating muscular aches and pains giving immediate and long lasting results. 60 or 90 minutes

Somatic Reeducation How do tight muscles limit your range of fun? Using Somatic retraining through slow movement your contracted muscles lengthen through movement reeducation increasing your range of motion and has an amazing affect on your range of emotions as well. Relax over used and abused muscles and you will diminish your chances of injury. Developing a full range of motion throughout your body encourages a flexible mind. Maybe even a sense of humor. 24 hour notice required. 90 minutes