Maui Massage Schools


We Offer Classes For Groups, Couples, and Individuals Taught by Laura Monaco, LMT 2610 Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner, Light Therapist. For more information please


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LightWave Light Massage

Aloha Light Massage is our most recent development. Any massage or facial may be enhanced with cold laser light. Laser light gently supplies photons to the cells’ mitochondria which turn it into cell food, ATP. Demonstrations and hands on exerience are included.

  • No prior experience necessary. Class cost is $275.   635nm laser light included.

 rainbow handsReiki: Universal Life Energy

Reiki was originally brought to the Western world from Japan by Mrs. Takata who resided on the island of Kauai. She opened a clinic for the public and taught students who now teach Reiki to the world. Reiki is beneficial for everyone including animals. It is the best self help modality. No prior experience necessary. Open to all ages.

  • Reiki Level I Traditional Usui Protocols with Empowerment Attunement, $175
  • Reiki Level II Receive 3 Attunements and Hands On Experience, $175

Lomi PohakuStones

This Hawaiian style hot stone massage was developed in 1992 by Laura Monaco.
Lomi Pohaku can be found in Resort Spas on Maui, throughout the USA and the world. Join us for a wonderful adventure in gathering pohaku for your Lomi Pohaku practice. Learn the art of Temple Style Lomi Lomi enhanced with smooth, warmed lava stones. For best results, some prior massage experience requested.

  • $350 for the pohaku gathering ceremony and a 2 day class.

Maui Barefoot Massage

A unique flow of steady compression movements using feet and bamboo poles.
Excellent for athletes and clients requesting a strong massage.
Terrific for releasing hamstrings!

  • Class cost is $225 for 4 hour class.

Access Consciousness Bars

Visit for lots of exciting information.

  • Initial class $200/$100 per follow up class


Emotional Freedom Technique
Tap your way to freedom from phobias, anxiety, negative patterns, and pain  plus learn to strengthen positive traits. Visit for the research!

  • Classes open to everyone. $50. 3 hours