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“Light: Medicine of the Future!” Remember the book written by Dr Jacob Liberman?

Laser, Medicine of The FutureWell, the time is now and the medicine is called Photobiomodulation. Most people are unaware of how helpful and safe cold laser light (also called  low level lasers) is for enhancing our bodies ability to heal itsel, relieve pain, speed recovery after Sports, enhance cognition and more. There are over 25,000 published articles and clinical studies of this exciting class of therapeutic light


Light supplies the photons. Our body converts the photons to ATP, bio fuel, in the cells’ mitochondria.

 Research from the late 1960’s states when a red light penetrates the mitochondria of our cells the light supplies photons for production of ATP. Cells regenerate, repair, and reproduce with this biochemical energy fuel source. This process is similar to photosynthesis in plants. Lasers come in a rainbow of colors; red, green, blue, and violet and in near infrared.

The red spectrum lasers are the most used and affordable. The most common wave lengths of therapeutic lasers vary from 405 nm (nanometers) to 905 nm. Russian research shows DNA may be repaired with low level laser light. Some lasers promote unwinding of trauma and aid in detoxification. We are in the infancy stage of research of light for health enhancement and anti aging applications. There are no negative side effects and only one contraindication with light therapy. If you look online, you will see that there is much research available on cold laser/ low level lasers/ light therapy. On You Tube,  there is a video of a baby black bear that was paralyzed in his hind legs after falling out of a tree. After weeks of laser light therapy he is running freely again.

I have been adapting my massage for the past 13 years to include light therapy. All the benefits of massage are enhanced with light therapy.

I believe that soon every household will have a laser light for enhancing the healing capacity of our body for staph infections to herpes, from tinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), prostate inflammation, gingivitis, wound healing, limiting the formation of scar tissue, the common cold, and even slowing the aging process. Clearly therapeutic lasers are an enormous contribution to society.

Low Level Lasers are used worldwide and are accepted as a credible healing device in hospitals, dental clinics, and with veterinarians. And now available for in home use. Drug free, pain free therapy.

Studies show that laser therapy is equal to or more effective than other form of physical therapy.

It is of benefit to supplement your diet with COQ10 and Amino Acids to support cellular healing. Visit our product page for details.

‘LightWave Light are privately manufactured for us. It is the most affordable and effective laser I have found.  It is a 635nm, 5mW cold laser, Class IIIa.  It is enhanced with 200 Rife Frequencies and 528 Solfeggio Frequency. No other laser offers this enhancement. Visit my Facebook page LightWave Lasers or for more information. We include Light Therapy in massage upon request for an additional $20 charge.


Here are a few of my favorite laser applocations I have come up with:

waterfallApply an organic moisturizer with Hemp CBD Oil to your face and treat with light for 2 minutes. Your product will penetrate deeply into your skin. Everything you apply to your skin and treat with the light will quickly penetrate your skin. Be certain the product is of benefit.

Rub Homeopathic Arnica ointment onto overused muscles after a work out and treat with light on the area for 2 minutes.

I shine the light on this my food, water, and plants.
I trace my meridians with my light and sweep my Crown and Third Eye Chakra prior to meditation. Check out my pet laser light page on Facebook…Grumpy Kitty Laser Therapy and my Acupressure Laser Therapy page for more helpful hints on areas to treat with your laser light. It all about the photons.

It is reported in research from Russia that low level lasers repair cellular damage from cell phone use.
Your ears have over 150 acupuncture points. I treat my ears for 60 seconds each.
I perform EFT with my laser on the points listed on the website,

Never shine a laser light into your eyes.

Laser light readily absorbs into water. Your blood is mainly comprised of water. Lasers treat systemically too.

For laser education, laser Light sales, and laser massage sessions give us a call at 808/283-7415 or

Thank you for your open mind.

Photons Emited from LightWave Light stimulates your  healing

Treat your pets too!

Hydrate first for best results.